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Netflix stopped the password sharing facility in India, what will happen in Nepal?

Netflix has decided to stop password sharing in India, its largest market, from Thursday. Netflix has millions of subscribers in India. He also said that those who violate this rule will be alerted by sending an email.

The company is shutting down password sharing facilities worldwide with the aim of increasing revenue after the decline after the Covid epidemic. According to BBC, after this step of Netflix, the subscribers are increasing rapidly in the last few months.

In a statement issued on Thursday, Netflix said that one account has been prepared for use by one family and that account can be used by members of that family wherever they are. According to Netflix, the family member can enjoy this benefit at home, while walking, traveling on vacation and moving from one place to another.

Netflix stopped the password sharing facility in India

The statement said, “The company is investing heavily in a variety of new films and TV shows. So whatever your taste, mood or language, and whoever you’re watching with, there’s always something satisfying to watch on Netflix.” In May, the streaming platform banned password sharing in several countries, including key markets like the US, UK and France.

It allows fee-paying customers to add additional members from outside their home for an additional monthly fee. However, this facility is not yet available in India. Netflix is struggling with a sharp downturn after the pandemic.

Netflix does not have an official presence in Nepal. Nepali users are running the platform according to the password sharing facility as the cost will be expensive as Nepalis have to open an account from a dollar account. As Nepal is not included in the list of Netflix to close such facility, it is not decided what will happen to Nepal.