“Mahapurush” making records abroad with Nepal.

“Mahapurush” making records abroad with Nepal.

Kathmandu – ‘Mahapurush’ has entered the fifth week of performance. Along with Nepal, the film is being shown in America and Australia since last week and will be shown in Europe and Middle Eastern countries from next week. The reviews received from the Nepali audience have helped the performance abroad. Similarly, the demonstration that started from Dallas in America is also in its fifth week. Its publicity is being done by the reaction of the audience watching the film. That is why the film ’51st’ is approaching the day.

The audience of the film is also increasing as the whole family comes to watch the film. Even foreign films have not affected the films that were screened after the festival. Even though the weekly foreign films have affected the Friday and Saturday shows, ‘Mahapurush’ is returning to the same rhythm after being sought after by the audience.

In other words, the shows received by the film are house full in afternoon and night time. Due to this, there is no difference between the shows received on the first day and the shows received on the 30th day of performance. With the post-election atmosphere and the World Cup football, the winter has not affected business. If we count the number of shows that ‘Mahapurush’ is getting, some films find it difficult to get as many shows as multiplexes on the first day.

Not only in Nepal, but also in the United States, it is planning a 51-day journey. Prateek Subedi of the local distributor Nepal Wanwan Entertainment LLC informed that there are regular performances with Nepal. We are performing regularly in different cities of America like Nepal.

There have been more than two hundred shows so far. I have estimated that this film will be screened till the beginning of 2023″, said distributor Subedi. He said that three to four shows are being held daily and it is getting crowded. The film, which has set the record for the highest number of screenings in North America, has already started screening in Canada.

Similarly, the film is being screened in various cities in Australia. MSM Events has performed in Sydney, Canberra, Tasmania, Melbourne and other cities. Kiran Gurung is performing it in different cities of Europe since November 20. Among the Middle Eastern countries, the exhibition will be held in the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Oman, and Qatar from December 1.

Ramesh Dhakal, the director of Nip Films, which has taken the right of exhibition in the countries of the Middle East, informed that the film “Mahapurusha” will be shown in cinemas such as Vox, Nova, Star, Royal, Oscar, Cineco, Cinepolis etc. After the film Madhya Kabaddi 4, which is being screened after Covid, there is a lot of demand for legends. We have shown it in regular shows like a foreign film.

Like any other film, you can watch the film here by taking a ticket at the box office,’ said the distributor Dhakal, ‘gradually, the viewership of Nepali films is increasing here. When good films come, it helps in expanding the market. I have been working round the clock for the screening of the film here for the past few years.

Madankrishna Shrestha, Harivansh Acharya, Gauri Malla, Rajaram Paudel, Rabindra Singh Baniyan, Shiru Bista along with Arun Chhetri and Anjana Barailly are playing the l.ead roles in the film