Kim Kardashian has helped Usher and Kimora Lee Simmons reunite for "Nice & Slow."
Usher Raymond and Kimora Lee Simmons.

Kim Kardashian has helped Usher and Kimora Lee Simmons reunite for “Nice & Slow.”

Thanks to Kim Kardashian, Usher and fashion designer Kimora Lee Simmons reconnected on Saturday, 25 years after Lee Simmons appeared in the singer’s “Nice & Slow” music video. The reality star went to Las Vegas with her friends to see Usher’s residency show, including Lee Simmons and sister Khloe Kardashian. She captured the moment on her Instagram Stories when a bare-chested usher approached Lee Simmons and serenaded her with the cherished song. Usher yanked Lee Simmons out of her seat during the concert and remarked, “She was this tall back then. Kim, Khloe, and the audience could be seen enjoying the moment as the pair swayed arm in arm.

Kim also caught Usher dancing next to Lee Simmons and singing “Nice & Slow” while giving her a chocolate strawberry. After the steamy scene, Lee Simmons was seen laughing and fanning herself as she returned to the stage. Lee Simmons acted as the singer’s love interest in the music video for “Nice & Slow.” The song, which is from Usher’s 1997 album “My Way,” spent two weeks at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart at the beginning of 1998.

Another significant event was Kim Kardashian’s girls’ trip to Usher’s concert. For her own birthday in October, Kim wanted to take her friends to the R&B singer’s Las Vegas residency, but due to bad weather, they were unable to fly and had to eat In-N-Out burgers back in Los Angeles.

While in Las Vegas last weekend to officiate hairstylist Chris Appleton and “White Lotus” actor Lukas Gage’s wedding, Kim finally got to see Usher’s show, but she claimed on her Instagram Stories that her girlfriends thought she “cheated on them.”

She said as she boarded her private jet this weekend, “I’m returning the surprise to all these lovely ladies and gentlemen, and we are going to Usher.” And based on appearances, Kim and her pals appear to have “got it bad” for Usher.