Anupriya Goenka discusses the production of Asur 2 and explains why it took three years.

Anupriya Goenka discusses the production of Asur 2 and explains why it took three years.

Who isn’t anticipating Asur 2?

The chilling trailer for the web series has left everyone incredibly intrigued. After a fantastic response to the first installment of the series, the creators are back to keep fans entertained by delving into the shadowy realm and fusing mythology and science. Asur 2 features a number of celebrities, including Ridhi Dogra, Barun Sobti, Amey Wagh, Arshad Warsi, and Anupriya Goenka. Fans are aware that it took the creators almost three years to create Asur 2. Why so? Anupriya Goenka, who plays Naina Nair, recently spoke with us and revealed the explanation.


Asur 2 took three years; why?

As I mentioned, COVID occurred. Additionally, the writing process required time. The fact that our team works so hard is another quality I really appreciate. And for that reason, the quality. They don’t skimp on quality. Additionally, the director Oni Sen is known for reading the screenplay carefully. Both Gaurav and Bhvesh concur with this. Additionally, we took almost two years to complete it while filming. due to the overwhelming amount of work. Additionally, the post-production for VFX takes a long time. Like, I believe our dubbing only lasted a month. They were including items. To improve and sharpen the edits, they made changes. due to the difficulty.


What can fans anticipate from Asur 2?

Entertainment, entertainment, and more entertainment, as they say. More than anything, I think I’m very proud of myself for having watched it. Instead of just being amused, it’s also the case that watching international shows makes it clear that we need the kind of content currently being produced. I believe it to be one of those. Very good watertightness. Both the writing and execution are excellent. Additionally, the actors give excellent performances. Thus, I believe they will be pleased with it. And I’m really hoping for that. Like the first season, the second featured numerous mythological elements. Someone gets to learn that if they like it. Learn some things from that. And Asur is a place where everyone’s personalities are very different at their core. You realize? Each character thinks very differently from one another. So, you perceive a human world mirage.